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Name and family name:

Tomaž Kopač


(for his authority's sake used only in secret)




Tomaž Kopač is a living proof that a gifted businessman does not need a tie – a pullover is just as suitable.

Tomaž attends meetings throughout the days, makes deals and arranges the most demanding projects with the customers. Coming back from these meetings, he mostly ponders how to subtly explain to the production team what possible and impossible miracles he has promised to the customers. Before arriving to the office he usually realizes that the issue can be explained, subtlety put aside. He often ignores the fact that a week is over and stays in his office over the weekend; sometimes he does it out of spite.

He knows what’s what in the printing technologies but is rarely found behind a printing machine. But now and then hecan be still be caught doing manual work – he was noticed today carrying a box.