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Name and family name:

Marjan Belec




Engineering manager


Belc is a technical weirdo, always studying and exploring the latest printing technologies, so that a dispute with him on these matters is strongly unrecommended.

He reads the instructions for the use of printing machines with one eye only, with the other staring in the void and pondering how to complement them. He can solve even the toughest technical problems and is closest to a solution when, due to his meddling, the matter is at its most chaotic. The natural laws of physics demand that the bulk of thoughts piling in his head seek the shortest exit. This is most noticeable when he opens his mouth – nevertheless he is a very kind person.

He does not like the sun –  perhaps the high frequency of his brilliant ideas makes it risky for his brain to superheat. Therefore he often works by night saying that shadow is easiest to find at that time.