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T.K.B.M. among the strongest in 2010

We are the sponsor of the competition for the strongest Slovenian guys, called MARTIN KRPAN. 

DSCF4182T.K.B.M. printing house often needs strong hands. Reloading of different products, set for printing, and sometimes also placing a heavy printing machines, often arise a wish of having some »Krpan« near by. And where to find more strong men to help us in need?

The competition, organized by Mr. Bojan Vidmar, is made up of several shows all over Slovenia and one final performance, where the title for the strongest man is granted.

The competition consists of several disciplines, where the power, endurance and skillfulness are measured. The spectacularity of the contest attracts every year more and more viewers who are astonished about the strength of the competitor. Unbelievable and truly unique!

The finals should be organized in our company to help us reorganize the warehouse or change some machine.


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