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We produce them for a quite long time. Tatoo is nowadays, specially with young ones, very popular form of decorating the skin with different motif – it is a way of expression.




In former times tattooing was the symbol of prestige and social status but today it is merely fashionable decoration. Therefore it is a perfect promotion for a company, whether we are talking about amusement, picnics, koncert tickets or ....  

 The word itself arises from the Tahiti word tatau (»to mark something«)  and refers to the picture which is created with piercing of skin and ink. As this can be very painful, tamptoo came in sight. Tamptoo vanishes in a couple of years and our skin is ready again for new one ... or not.

All those who are not disposed to more or less painful decorations, but we want to be »in« anyway – we use easy removable tatoos. These are the ones we produce for you.


tatu_4 tatu_1 tattoo1 tatu_tantum_copy tatu_adriatic_copy