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At the T.K.B.M. we believe that a printing product is only a part of an entire offer. Good quality should be expected from any printer. But as a customer, are you also assisted by solutions and suggestions you may truly need?

We aspire to understand your aims.

We invest in the new technologies, which for you, our customer, raises the value of each euro, earmarked for the print. We always do the utmost possible for your printed goods to be at their most successful, while minimizing your investment of time and effort for the proces of printing. Being the printing house with the widest range of printing services in Slovenia, we are the ones who do not toss empty promises.

In our departments you will find all the services you may need:


The time you have needed for bringing into line work with various printers can from now on be devoted to your own enterprise.

We do not measure our success by the quality of print and the variety of service only, but also by the originality of the solutions we offer. We are in perfect command of all the printing types; with our printing-technologies know-how we have long ago surpassed the possibilities stated in the technical guidelines of printing machines.
We proceed to generate ever new, creative and unique styles of print offering your designers possibilities that have up to now been undreamt of. We are capable to realize even the most demanding ideas of visual art that will surely draw your company or product out of the multitude.
With the printing house T.K.B.M. on your side, practical, well-proven and unique solutions answering your everyday challenges are available to you. Should you use all the possibilities we offer, you will get a partner who is devoted to your own success.

Tomaž Kopač, manager