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Two friends, Marjan Belec and Tomaž Kopač at the beginning of the nineties start a company to supply a sound  accompaniment at various performances. The business is running smoothly, the dates are fixed months ahead. But as the work is limited to weekends only, after a few years they get weary of it – they would prefer to work during the week.

Before long their wishes are answered when on the street they run into
Aleš Hrovat, an experienced offset printer, who after a couple of beers wins their interest for the printing. They become business partners and the unholy racket of megaphones is soon replaced by the hubbub of printing machinery in the garage of Marjan’s aunt. Aleš attends to the offset printing and Marjan to the pad printing, while Tomaž devotes his time to marketing and organization.

They like their job immensely and invite another print enthusiast to join their ranks.Tomaž Pogačar, a silk screen printing expert, also quite happy with rare free weekends and endless workdays, soon becomes the fourth equal partner. With the addition of his know-how the printing house T.K.B.M. is able to offer the customers quite a wide palette of printing services available under on one roof.

To have all services on one spot proves to be a big advantage, and the orders flow in. However, the company lacks a department for the graphic preparation. They cooperate with outside companies but running around is more and more tiresome. To shorten the track they offer a space in the now new building of the quickly expanding enterprise to Primož Urbančič, and he becomes the fifth co-owner of the T.K.B.M. printing house.

They enthuse over the possibilities offered by modern print and soon surpass the manufacturers’ promises about the capacities of their printing machines. Heedless of the minimal demands of the market, they invest all the profit made by their first gains into the newest, top-level printing technology. They soon reap the fruits of their endeavours, and with the increased demand for their services a number of employees increases, too. And the story goes on to this day …