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Name and family name:

Tomaž Pogačar




Head of the silk screen printing on textile department


Pogi is quite unhappy that a work week does not have eight days. This frustration is expressed by his frown which quickly vanishes when he is asked for help.

He is a great innovator, a creative person – a true artist. He has an abundancy of unique ideas but rarely gives any thought to the implementation. The need for their use arises by itself. Pogi nurses a very particular chaos within the boundaries of his department, resisting all suggestions towards an illusionary order, believing it might prove harmful for productivity. He carries out even the toughest tasks – and within their deadlines, too! For this to be accomplished he sometimes invents the infamous eighth day of the week.

His rare spare moments are filled with a dose of adrenaline. A perfect day for him: to take a mountain peak on his motorbike, go down a snowy slope on his board and catch a juicy dentex in passing.