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How long will it take you to complete the printing if we bring in all the materials needed this very day?

If you have decided for the digital printing we can in most cases promise you to have your product finished in 24 hours. The speed of execution generally depends on the print-run, type and intricacy of print, and in some cases also on the time needed for drying and stabilization of colour etc., beside the graphic preparation and printing itself.

But we can assure you that in very urgent cases we disregard the eight-hour workday and do our utmost for you to get the products done when you need them most.

Can you do a minimal edition of a certain type of printing?

It is our pleasure to make even one sample in any style of printing. But here the general rule applies: higher edition – lower price. Beside the quantity discount, the main reasons for this rule are fixed costs of various graphic preparations that do not influence the price of a separate product at higher print-runs. Digital printing, where no graphic preparation is needed, is the only exception.

Would you also deliver the products to our location?

We offer all our customers a free delivery to Ljubljana and its outskirts, and also to more distant location on additional payment.

What parts of a T-shirt are suitable for printing?


What is the meaning of the following items in your offer: 2/2 print; 4/4 print; 2/0 print, ...?

These items denote a number of colours on a signature. The first no. indicates the number of printing colours on the first page, the second no. indicates the colours on the second page of a signature. The 4/4 mark thus means full colour on both sides.

In what manner do you want us to prepare the files for printing?

The files can be prepared in the Windows (PC), Linux (PC) or Unix (Macintosh) systems.

They can be done in the Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Page Maker, Free Hand, Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign etc. graphic programmes.

PDF and PS (PostScript) formats are the most suitable for printing.

When preparing a file it is important to take into account the additions for bleed (3 mm) and save the colours of all the elements in the colour scheme CMYK. Graphic elements can also be defined by the colour scale Pantone.

The resolution of photographs should be 300 dpi.

The black elements (e.g. text) on a colour background should be put as overprint, all other elements should include layering, which is defined by the type of printing.

A file should include an addition for bleed, trim marks and registration marks.

What is a PDF-format?

Beside its simplicity of use by the preparation of files for printing, it is one of the PDF-format’s advantages that it occupies up to ten times smaller data space. We make the PDF documents with the Adobe Acrobat Distiller programme that can transform any file into the PDF-format.

What is a PostScript format?

Most graphic programmes make it possible to put down the files in the PostScript format. Its advantage is especially the compatibility and adaptability to programme tools and equipment used at the graphic preparation.

What is a Pantone colour scale?

The Pantone colour scale is one of the most frequently used colour scales; its every colour and colour nuance is marked with a number.

What is the meaning of "overprint" and "layering"?

Overprint is a total covering of a colour by another one. This can only be attained with the black colour, because only black is dense enough to completely cover the colours of the background. A typical case of overprint is a black text written over photographs or graphic elements.

The term “layering” is used with all other colours not being dense enough to entirely cover the background. Underneath such elements the foundation is left white and the appearance of a whole without white margins is achieved by a minimal coverage of the background at points of contact.

What is the meaning of a "trim mark"?

Trim marks are dashes marking the  line of a cut (e.g. page margin).

What is a "registration mark"?

Registration marks are marks (a cross in a circle) helping us to accurately set signatures into the printing machine.

Could I have a look at a test print before the final printing?

Before the beginning of printing we always make a test print for you or your designers to check and confirm it.

What is the meaning of CMYK?

CMYK is an acronym for a colour scheme most appropriate for printing. It is composed by four colours from which the whole colour spectrum is reproduced in printing: Cyan (light blue), Magenta (reddish), Yellow and Key (black). Since the computer monitors use another colour scheme (RGB) all the files must be turned into the CMYK before giving them away for printing.

What is the meaning of "above-the-top-line edge" and "bleed"?

“Above-the-top-line edge” means that the printing surface extends to the very edge of the printed matter. As exact cutting without any white edges is unfeasible, additional 3 mm of a “bleed” are always taken into account.

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