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A very important part of the offset and digital printing is a possibility of various finishings. In this way products are finalized and enriched with additional creative elements if we so desire.


You can choose between a variety of bindings.

  • Binding in paper covers is an inexpensive way of binding where clusters of folded sheets of paper are glued to the back of a publication.
  • Stitching is a simple binding method with metal clips, suitable for thinner objects like notebooks, magazines etc.
  • Binding with a metal spiral is just the thing for various promotional publications where visibility of a whole page without folding is desired. Such binding is also suitable for products where the possibility of tearing out separate sheets of paper is involved.


Perforation of printed matter enables clean and simple tearing on the before defined places. It is used with tickets, coupons, envelopes etc.


With scoring we mark and prepare points of bending with cardboard products. It is used for the packing material, covers, fold-outs and similar products. It can also be used as an ornamental addition.


With folding we arrange the pages of a publication, printed on a signature, in the right sequence and desired shape. Various creative effects, such as unusual ways of opening, unique shapes, outstanding elements etc., are also obtained.


Gathering is a procedure where individual sheets of paper of folded signatures of more voluminous prints are correctly put together, eg. with book blocks, leaflets, calendars, …


Lining is used with printed matter needing an additional base. The right choice of either hard or soft bases depends on particular demands and purposes of a final product.

Cutting and trimming

With cutting and trimming both simple as well as more complex publications get their final shape.

Cutting out

Thus we can make various apertures in a printed object or uncover parts of covered surfaces.


With a plastic layer we protect printed matter from physical damage or prepare it for a long-term storing. You can choose between glossy or matted appearances and also between foils with ornamental patterns.


The surfaces of all printed objects can be protected with a matte, glossy or UV protective varnish. But you can also decide on point varnishing and soadditionally emphasise certain elements of a motive (drops, small stars …).

Blind embossing

With a strong pressure on paper we can thus create a relief image of a desired motive. Beside decorative effect it also serves as protection from unwanted copying of original documents.

Gold printing

This is a special kind of decorative printing. We obtain a special effect of glimmering colours or printed images with a realistic appearance of precious metals.

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