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  • high resolution enabling a precise printed image even with very small motives
  • contrasting colours and precision of a printed image, comparable with the offset printing quality
  • extraordinary resistance to UV rays suitable even for the most exposed product surfaces


Pad printing with its capacity of printing on a three dimensional surface belongs to the most universal types of printing. This is enabled by extra soft pads (tampons) that adapt to a product in the process of printing.

It is intended mostly for printing on a small surface where a thin layering of colours enable the printing of tiny motives with a very high resolution.

The technology used here is of special importance, beside the know-how.

Closed systems, where the colour is hermetically enclosed during printing, give us an assurance that the first print will be exactly the same as the last one even with larger series. The printing house T.K.B.M. can also offer you pad printing with a 4-colour or 6-colour machines, which is quite unique on the Slovenian market.

Since a product must have stronger grasp than a pad, the pad printing is unsuitable for silicone or similar slippery materials, whereas for certain types of plastic a preparative procedure is necessary.

Pad printing is used with metal, glass, leather, artificial materials, wood and PVC.

Golf balls

Small, rounded surfaces with even tinier hollows are no hindrance for pad printing.

Cigarette lighters

With the multi-colour pad printing even the most frequent promotion products can be given your personal and unique emphasis, while high resolution enables printing of even the most demanding motives.

Football balls

Pad printing ensures durability even with the products enduring strong physical pressure.


With quality pad printing the first printed image will be exactly the same as the last, even with big editions – without deviation.


Pad printing is suitable for products having special demands, like resistance of colour during the washing.

Wooden objects

The universality of pad printing enables prime and stable print on almost all materials.

Other products

High resolution, durability and exceptional adaptability of the pad printing ensure effective positioning of your advertising messages on various shapes as well as on a great variety of small objects.

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